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Project Gutenberg Consortia Center

Free Public Access to eBooks by Project Gutenberg Consortia Center

The purpose of Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation is to encourage the voluntary creation and distribution of electronic books. Project Gutenberg Consortia Center's purpose is to house collection of collections of eBooks of other voluntary organization.

Project Gutenberg Origins

For the next Millennium the digital press will equally change the literary world. In 1971 Michael Hart founded Project Gutenberg, a global coordinated volunteer effort to digitize and distribute the great works of our predecessors. "The Purpose of Project Gutenberg is to encourage the creation and distribution of electronic books."

The Purpose of Project Gutenberg, Gutenberg.org is to encourage the creation and distribution of electronic books." To this end the Project Gutenberg Consortia Center, Gutenberg.us is presented to aid in the distribution and exchange of public domain eBook collections [as well as copyrighted works for which we receive permission].

The Project Gutenberg Consortia Center is designed for the collection and redistribution of eBooks that are public domain under the United States copyright laws. We are planning to open a Project Gutenberg Consortia Center for each of the major copyright terms throughout the world, starting with "life +50 and life +70."

Up until now, Project Gutenberg has focused on the creation of the eBooks rather than their distribution and we have spent as much of our time on copyright as on eBook creation and distribution. This is our first attempt focused on distribution rather than creation. (continue)

Read an E-Book Week is March 6-12, 2011.

E-BOOKS TURN 40! That's right - it's been forty years since Michael S. Hart created the first "e-book".

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