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Ancient Precepts for a Perfect Life

      Dedication cmafpfp]mf      
      Introduction `biMkmf      
Part One: On Virtue
Section I: Prologue




1 Praising God kdv<qf vazftfT
2 The Importance of Rain va[f cibpfp<
3 Greatness of Renunciates nItftaaf epRAm
4 Asserting Virtue's Power `b[fvliy<Btftlf
Section II: The Way of the Householder
5 Family Life ;lfvazfkfAk
6 The Good Wife vazfkfAktfT^]nlmf
7 The Blessing of Children mkfkdf EpB
8 Possessing Love `[fp<AdAm
9 Hospitality viRnfEtamfplf
10 Speaking Pleasant Words ;[iyAv Pblf
11 Gratitude ecyfnfn[fbi`bitlf
12 Impartiality nDv<ni^lAm
13 Possession of Self-Control `dkfkmfuAdAm
14 Possession of Virtuous Conduct oZkfkmfuAdAm
15 Not Coveting Another's Wife pib[ilf viAzyaAm
16 Possession of Forbearance epaAb uAdAm
17 Avoidance of Envy `ZkfkabaAm
18 Avoidance of Covetousness ev#kaAm
19 Avoidance of Backbiting p<bmfPbaAm
20 Avoidance of Pointless Speech py[ilecalflaAm
21 Dread of Sinful Deeds tIvi^[`cfcmf
22 Understanding One's Duty to Give opfp<rv< `bitlf
23 Charity :Ak
24 Glory p<kzf
Section III: The Way of the Renunciate
25 Possession of Compassion `Rqf uAdAm
26 Abstaining from Eating Meat p<lalf mBtftlf
27 Austerity tvmf
28 Deceptive Conduct Pda oZkfkmf
29 Avoidance of Fraud kqfqaAm
30 Truthfulness vayfAm
31 Avoidance of Anger evKqaAm
32 Avoidance of Injuring Others ;[f[a ecyfyaAm
33 Avoidance of Killing ekalflaAm
34 Impermanence of All Things ni^lyaAm
35 Renunciation Tbv<
36 Knowledge of Truth emyf u]rftlf
37 Eradication of Desire `va `Btftlf
Section IV: Destiny
38 Destiny Uzf

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